General Studies

The STARR JDS General Studies program is focused on providing our students a challenging (yet fun) competitive curriculum. We provide this within a nurturing environment so they can feel confident to learn and take on new challenges every day.

It’s a fact that students individually progress at different rates. At STARR JDS, we take pride in that we are unlike most schools. We don’t teach them to the norm, remediate the lower end, and enrich the upper end. We focus on the individual student’s progress and learning styles to achieve success.

By maintaining small group sizes, ideal teacher-student ratios, and ensuring safe physical settings for learning, our teachers are able to work closely with each student and actively engage them per their specifics needs and strengths. If they are falling behind in a certain subject or excelling beyond their grade level, our teachers have the flexibility to push their students at a rate that allows each child to feel successful at school.

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