STARR JDS Tuition & Fees

STARR JDS recognizes that private school can be an expensive burden on many families. However, STARR JDS also acknowledges a strong sense of communal responsibility to make Jewish education accessible to those Jewish families who wish to provide a strong Jewish and secular background for their children. With that goal in mind, STARR JDS follows a flexible tuition model that addresses affordability concerns while generating more predictable revenue models upon which TASA can plan its programming.

2022-2023 Tuition & Fees

Registration Fee: $360 per student (early bird $200 before 4/01/22)

Tuition: $11,845 (*note that actual cost is between $12,360 & $15,450 per student)

PTO Fee: $50/per student, due by August 2, 2021.

“Give-or-Get”: Each family will solicit/contribute $750 in addition to tuition. Opportunities will be provided by the school in an annual raffle and Matchathon fundraising events.

Flexible Tuition

STARR JDS is committed to help every Jewish child attend Day School. Families who are unable to afford full tuition can apply for tuition assistance in the form of Flexible Tuition. In order to qualify for Flexible Tuition a current tax return must be submitted for review. If a family anticipates they will be unable to complete their new tax return in time, they may use their most current tax return and fill out a ‘change in financial status’ form. Upon verification of the submitted items an amended tuition contract will be issued.

The Flexible Tuition system is based on two factors alone (1) Adjusted Gross household income (pre-tax, IRS 1040 Line 37) of both parents and (2) the number of children who parents are paying tuition for (pre-K through college).

STARR JDS cannot offer additional subsidies beyond Flexible Tuition Scholarship. In the case of extreme hardship, you may send an email request to STARR JDS Administration office@torahacademysa.com


Parents must notify the STARR JDS office in writing if, at any time, they decide not to enroll their student or desire to withdraw their student from the School. If, at any time, after a signed tuition contract is delivered, parents decide not to enroll their student, the student’s enrollment is terminated by either the parents or the school, or the student is either voluntarily or involuntarily withdrawn from the school, the following will apply:

After August 1, 2021, family is not entitled to refund of any amount designated as non-refundable in the Tuition Contract, including registration fees and tuition deposits.

If military orders are issued or in the event of an emergency, a waiver may be given by the Board of Trustees.

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